Want to find out more about your trees?

Where are my trees being planted?

Thanks to yours, and others, contributions we are creating a brand new woodland in North Yorkshire. The FBHVC has chosen to plant our members' trees in a project called Tom's Wood, just on the outskirts of the Howardian Hills Area of Natural Beauty and roughly 10 miles North East of York.

Tell me more about this project

This project was started in the 2020 planting season and the vision for Tom's Wood is to create a new native woodland that supports local biodiversity.

When planting is completed, over the next few planting seasons, there will be a total of 28,112 trees, capturing between them over 14,000 tonnes of CO2.

Are there any other benefits?

This new woodland will also bind the soil beneath its canopy, protecting it from erosion during heavy rain events and it will improve woodland habitat connectivity in the surrounding area, which is brilliant for local wildlife.

Tell me about the trees themselves.

Native trees are always chosen for projects delivered by Tree-V and the FBHVC's scheme is no different. Native trees ensure all of the other benefits new woodland brings (asides from carbon capture) are realised. In Tom's Wood a mixture of Alder, Birch, Sycamore, Wild Cherry and Willow are being planted.

What standards does this woodland meet?

Planting is in accordance with UK Forestry Standards and is accredited on the UK Woodland Carbon Code and registered on the UK Land Carbon registry. The FBHVC are planting your trees in a project designated as 'No thinning or clearfell', which means they will not be chopped down for timber!

Being part of such an accreditation scheme also means that trees in Tom's Wood are subject to verification checks every 5 years to ensure they are meeting their 'carbon capturing' projections and sequestering all the CO2 we expect them to.

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